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Increased Cognitive Decline Linked To Stroke Or Angina, Says New Research

As people age, with it, drops their cognitive function- but what comes as an astonishing discovery is the link between cognitive decline and circulatory problems.

According to an investigation, the cognitive function or ability to think, can depreciate if a person suffers angina or heart attack.

These studies have tried to set up a link between incident CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) like angina and heart ailments and deterioration of coronary functions.

The JACCS (Journal of the American College of Cardiology Study), published a record of cognitive decline in relation to the occurrence of CHD. It specified that the decline of cognitive function accelerates after the event of CHD and not before its occurrence. It emphasized the long-standing link between CHD and functioning of the brain.

Coronary heart disease develops when arteries carrying blood to the heart become smaller in diameter due to deposition of fats or plaques. This situation hinders the blood flow and results in atherosclerosis, as called by the doctors. The heart receives less oxygen due to obstruction in blood flow, the person experiences chest pain (angina) or heart attack.

As reported by the WHO, coronary heart disease is the foremost reason of death all over the world. The year 2016, alone witnessed 9 million or more deaths.

The lead author of the research Wuxiang Xie, states that dementia has no cure and to delay the development of brain conditions, its early detection is important.

According to Wuxiang and his study members, they are amongst the largest investigators studying the link between heart and brain ailments.

They experimented with 7,888 participants of 50 years and above from ELSA (English Longitudinal Study of Aging).The information was acquired twice every year, from 2002–2007. Initially, no partaker was diagnosed with any cognitive or heart problems. The researchers led 8 waves of 3 examinations of brain functions. They assessed temporal orientation, semantic fluency, and verbal memory.

During the span of the study, 5.6% of partakers experienced heart attacks or angina. These people showed an accelerated cognitive decline in comparison to those who had not experienced CHD.

This result concluded the fact that there is a solid link between cognitive degenerations and CHD and this might be resulting due to poor supply of oxygen to cells of the brain.

Xie advised patients of coronary diseases to undergo careful monitoring after they are diagnosed with the problem.

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