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Sleeping Under Artificial Light Source Leads To Weight Gain In Women, Say Researchers

Lifestyle choices have been linked to weight before. Another factor has been identified by researchers that sleeping at home with the light or TV ON can cause women to become obese. Obesity rates have gone up 3x times since 1970. 70% of US population is obese. As per the CDC, obesity may cause mental health issues, cancer, osteoarthritis, stroke, heart disease, cholesterol issues, and high BP. Exercise, diet, sleep, and genetics are key factors in this health epidemic. Artificial light exposure may also be another key factor as well.

Dale Sandler of NIEHS and Dr. Park, his fellow led the team in this research.43722 women were involved in Sister Study. Breast cancer risks and environmental factors correlation was studied. Every volunteer provided information about their sleeping habits and light exposure. They were divided into 4 groups based on light/TV, light from outside their room, night light in their room and no light at all.

The candidates’ measurements were noted and a follow-up study was conducted after 5 years. Health outcome and light exposure were correlated, the study found. Higher the light exposure, higher her BMI and measurements were. Sleep span was lower, with healthy eating & physical activity scores low too.

Those with a TV/light switched on in their rooms had over 17% greater risk of adding 11 pounds of weight than women who had no light exposure during the night. BMI increase chances were also 10% higher.  Obesity and overweight risks were also at 33% and 22% greater, respectively. Even when factors like physical activity, inadequate sleep and diet were considered, the correlation still stood. Park stated that the correlation standing strong even after factoring in other causes was quite significant.

However, there are limitations, like the fact the light exposure claims were self-reported. No consideration was given to the reason behind sleeping with lights switched on. It is not completely conclusive. However, the authors stated that it was advisable to not sleep with their lights switched on.

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