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NASA Says Artemis Lunar Program Won’t Eat Away Funds From Other Projects

Although the administrator of NASA says that the lunar program Artemis will not come at other projects’ cost, but other people at NASA warn that the internal cuts would likely be required for affording the lunar return of human by 2024.

The White House has directed NASA to speed up the timeline for making humans land on the moon. The administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine had argued the Artemis program will not be sponsored by transferring the funding from many other programs of agency. He said attempting this would create an opposition in Congress regarding the program. Bridenstine is seeking bipartisan support.

He said this again in a meeting of the Advisory Council of NASA on May 30. He said that they have got support from a request of budget which says that they will step forward and fund it, but they are not going to use NASA as a source for funding it. In the form of an amendment of budget submitted on May 13 to Congress, NASA is asking for $1.6 billion as additional funding for the lunar program Artemis in 2020.

In the same council meeting on May 31, the associate administrator of NASA for human operations and exploration, Bill Gerstenmaier, said that it is unlikely that the additional funds that is required in 2021 for continuing Artemis would be wholly in form of a rise to NASA’s budget. He said when they reach 2021; he doesn’t think that they are not going to get the whole budget as fresh money to top line. This means that NASA would need to look for savings anywhere else. He said that they are going to look for efficiencies and make cuts internally to NASA and that is where it is will get tough. He suggested that the cuts will be coming from programs of human spaceflight and others that are outside the Mission Directorate of Human Operations and Exploration.

Stephen Baxter

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