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Engineer Accused Of Falsifying SpaceX Inspection Reports

Federal prosecutors charged a person of falsifying the record of inspection for hardware which his organization produced for the company SpaceX. This has highlighted an issue that exists for the supply chain of the industry of aerospace. The office of US attorney for New York filed the charge against the person named James Smalley who is an ex-employee of a New York-based company PMI Industries that specializes in the machining of the parts of aerospace for many companies, including SpaceX. The prosecutors have alleged that James Smalley, an engineer of quality inspection, had falsified the reports of inspection for the components that were produced by this company and shipped to the company SpaceX for using on Falcon Heavy rockets and Falcon 9.

As per the complaint that was filed by the prosecutors, Smalley had begun working in 2017 at PMI Industries. In 2018, another company named SQA Services had done an audit for SpaceX and it discovered NDT certifications and multiple number of falsified inspection reports by this company for the parts that it produced for Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

The parts were not identified but they were described being on the list of items of the US Munitions which means that their export is regulated by the regulations in International Traffic in Arms.

The complaint refers to structural parts for fairing of rocket’s payload describing it as fracture critical which means that if at all it fails then that could lead to the mission’s catastrophic failure.

As per the complaint, Smalley had revealed to the investigators that he had forged the signatures of the inspectors on reports from SQA Services as he wished to ship many more products of the company. The prosecutors described that Smalley had developed a sophisticated scheme for getting around the hardware inspections, for forging the reports of inspections and then shipping it to SpaceX.

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